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Monty Roberts: Real Horse Whisperer [VHS]

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Even as a child in the horse world, Monty Roberts was uncomfortable with the conventional method of breaking, or training, a horse. He competed in rodeos for 22 years, all the while searching for a better way. Eventually, he learned it from the horses themselves. By watching wild mustangs, Roberts was able to identify some of their body language and apply it himself. A good portion of this 48-minute video is devoted to Roberts demonstrating his "whispering" technique on a mustang separated from the herd. His mission: to get the wild horse to accept a saddle and rider within the space of a few days--without force. Of course, he is successful. But knowing the outcome doesn't diminish the exhilaration of watching the dance between wild animal and gentle conqueror. Roberts used some of the same principles in raising his 3 children and more than 40 foster children and now teaches his method to corporate management groups. --Kimberly Heinrichs

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